UTOPIAN FRONT is the name of the musical group.

There are five tracks that will make up the first EP.

Together with Morph Productions, we have attracted a unique group of musicians to form
UTOPIAN FRONT. All performers made a substantial, creative contribution to this EP. Only the words and melody line are part of the initial copyright. Everything else is a demonstration of collaborative, creative efforts.

UPDATE NOTES: All music is under review as of 11/17 with intentions to remaster in the interest of improving production values prior to copyright registration and eventual release.

All music rights are the personal property of the President of UFF, including the lyrics for "Take A Tip", which appear in the book "Utopian Frontiers". Through UFF and the book, the President has included the lyrics and related print permissions as part of the book copyright inclusion. The musical track, however, is the sole property of the President. The lyrics were written by the president a few decades ago, were at that time placed under protective cover, and should not be considered in any way related with the efforts of the author of the book.

Here's an example...



People who don't have to worry about the next meal
About the next deal
People who have lots of time to consider their plight
Day and night
Turning on to all their drugs
Eating their way to comfort land
Making love like rabbits in heat
Looking for that extra special treat---

Indulgence - we're in a trance
Indulgence – get up and dance

Think about a treat you're turned on to
Think about the price you have to pay
Dream about the things that really count
Forget about them with the break of day
Satisfy yourself by whatever means
At your disposal it's the only way
Avoid discomfort avoid the light
Don't listen to the words I say---

Indulgence - we're in a trance
Indulgence - join the dance

Get a grip on yourself it's up to you
Take a closer look at the life you live
Is this the path you chose to walk
Are you giving all you need to give?
Give a part of yourself to another’s will
Share some of the time you're trying to kill
Join one another in the dance of life
Working together do you hear what I say?

Indulgence - we're in a trance
Indulgence - get up and dance
Indulgence - quality of life
Indulgence - do we need the strife?
Indulgence - we're in a trance
Indulgence - take a chance


Vocals - Ryan Malcolm
Background Vocals - Faith Walker
Bass - Ashton Price
Guitar - Ashton Price
Trumpet - Brownman
Drums - Craig Lapsley