The seminal project that ultimately spawned the idea of establishing Utopian Frontiers Foundation as a non-profit entity was initially conceived and developed back in the 70s as a screenplay by the President of UFF and Michael H. Parsons. It was intended for theatrical release as a science fiction documentary feature length motion picture film, the core theme being the relationship between humankind and technology.

In a world increasingly going astray (yes, it was obvious to us in the 70’s and even more so today) – WHAT IF a group of concerned citizens banded together to form a clandestine research organization, dedicated to developing beneficial technologies in the interest of promoting environmental integrity and the well being of humanity?

And WHAT IF the headquarters is a prototypical research city located on the fringe of a national park, a research environment dedicated to exploring social/political/economic options in the interest of resolving “the human condition” once and for all?

The idea was to educate, inspire, and provide hope within an entertaining format so as to reach a mass audience in a meaningful, constructive way. Think film as prototype, a dramatic demonstration of a mythical, future organization existing here and now, present tense, manifesting as a transnational research corporation with worldwide presence and connections.

The creators soon realized, however, that without an agent (agencies would not even read the outline if the project was unsolicited), without industry connections, without the backing of an established film producer, the project was dead in the water.

Efforts to attract development funds culminated in one offer to purchase the property outright. After all, we were inexperienced. Why not let the pros take over? Maybe next time, next project, we could negotiate with the powers that be for creative involvement if not control. Yet we were then and remain now ever determined to be present at the creative table when this mythical story comes alive...

So it came as a disappointment to accept the fact that the project had to be shelved indefinitely if we intended to retain a degree of artistic control. The simple truth is such projects are seen as properties, and those who invest take over ownership and control unless we position ourselves as investors and negotiate an ongoing creative presence.


Flash forward and a new game plan is in full swing. You see, the very nature of this project necessitates creative involvement at all levels. That's the way the music came together, and that's how we need the movie to actualize if this mythical experiment is to take life as initially intended.


The seminal written document and related film rights to the initial property which was entitled CANPRO remain the sole property of the President of UFF as the co-author of CANPRO, Mr. Parsons, is deceased. The book Utopian Frontiers, as an extrapolation of CANPRO, was published in the interest of making the thematic elements of CANPRO available to the public, and as a means to generate potential revenues for the non profit sector, print rights only.

Should a film ever be produced, it will be based on the initial, protected document CANPRO and related notes as generated decades ago by the President of UFF and Mike Parsons. These rights should not be misconstrued as being related with UFF or the book Utopian Frontiers, nor will the book Utopian Frontiers in it's current expression ever be made available as a film property unless otherwise determined by the Editor of the book.

The publisher of the book Utopian Frontiers has no contractual relations nor rights to a future film or related multi media works for the book. Interested parties must contact the President of UFF and Editor of the book Utopian Frontiers as sole, independent proprietor of THE CANPRO PROJECT.

There are no intentions to publish a second book or any other document as a follow up to Utopian Frontiers. All future works will be based on pre existing documentation based on THE CANPRO PROJECT and as such be considered the property of and under the personal discretion of the President of UFF who will determine the merits of any further investments.